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HP/Compaq Intel XEON 2.40GHZ/512KB/400MHZ CPU Processor for DL370/380 New p/n 257913B21 with 90 days warranty

The new Intel® Xeon™ processor with 512 KB L2 cache and existing Intel® Xeon™ processor with 256 KB L2 cache for dual processor workstations featuring the Intel® NetBurst™ microarchitecture and a 400 MHz system bus offers outstanding performance for dual-processor, multithreaded applications in a multitasking environment. The Intel® Xeon™ processor is ideal for compute intensive and heavy workload applications that require floating-point performance and the intense use of graphics for design. The workstation platform uses the Intel® 860 chipset and has dual channel RDRAM memory, which provides the bandwidth and performance throughput to deliver streaming audio/video and online collaboration. For your demanding application needs, Intel® Xeon™ processor-based workstations provide the ideal solution.

Product Performance The Intel® Xeon™ processor with 512 KB L2 cache and Intel® Xeon™ processor with 256 KB L2 cache deliver the next generation of performance where end users can experience and appreciate the performance most

Intel’s Most Advanced and Powerful Processor for Performance Workstations The Intel® Xeon™ Processor with 512 KB L2 Cache at 2.20 GHz is designed for dual-processing performance workstations. The processor is binary compatible with previous generation Intel Architecture (IA-32) processors.

Intel® NetBurst™ Microarchitecture The Intel® NetBurst™ microarchitecture features begin with innovative techniques that enhance processor execution such as Hyper Pipelined Technology, a Rapid Execution Engine, and Advanced Dynamic Execution. The Hyper Pipelined Technology doubles the pipeline depth in the processor, allowing the processor to reach much higher core frequencies. The Rapid Execution Engine allows the two integer ALUs in the processor to run at twice the core frequency, which allows many integer instructions to execute in one half of the internal core clock period. The Advanced Dynamic Execution improves speculative execution and branch prediction internal to the processor.

Hyper-Threading Technology Intel is changing the landscape of processor design and performance by going beyond GHz to improve processor performance and including simultaneous multithreading on a microprocessor. This is known as Hyper-Threading Technology; a ground-breaking technology that will enable new capabilities and applications for the evolving internet and enterprise infrastructure. Although it wll be available with the introduction of Intel® Xeon™ Processor with 512K L2 Cache based workstations, it is initially targeted for multi-processor and dual processor server configurations. Workstation applications will benefit from Hyper-Threading in the future through software and processor evolution. Further Hyper-Threading information will be available during the multi-processor server launch.

400 MHz System Bus The 400 MHz system bus is a quad-pumped bus running off of a 100 MHz system bus clock, making 3.2 Gigabytes per second (3,200 Megabytes per second) data transfer rates possible.

Level 1 Execution Trace Cache In addition to the 8 KB data cache, both the Intel® Xeon™ Processor with 512 KB L2 Cache and the Intel® Xeon™ Processor include an Execution Trace Cache that stores up to 12K of decoded micro-ops in the order of program execution. This increases performance by removing the decoder from the main execution loop and makes more efficient usage of the cache storage space since instructions that are branched around are not stored. The result is a means to deliver a high volume of instructions to the processor's execution units and a reduction in the overall time required to recover from branches that have been mis-predicted.

Level 2 Advanced Transfer Cache The 512 KB L2 Advanced Transfer Cache (ATC) is available with speeds 2.20, 2, and 1l80 GHz. The 256 KB L2 ATC is available with speeds 1.40, 1l50, 1.70 and 2 GHz. Both deliver a much higher data throughput channel between the Level 2 cache and the processor core. The Advanced Transfer Cache consists of a 256-bit (32-byte) interface that transfers data on each core clock. As a result, the Pentium® 4 processor or Intel® Xeon™ processor with 512 KB L2 cache and Intel® Xeon™ processor with 256 KB L2 cache can deliver a data transfer rate of core speed multiplied by 32 bytes, reported in GB/s. This compares to a transfer rate of 16 GB/s on the Intel® Pentium® III processor at 1 GHz and contributes to the Pentium® 4 processor and Intel® Xeon™ processor's ability to keep the high-frequency execution units executing instructions vs. sitting idle.

Hyper Pipelined Technology The hyper-pipelined technology of the Intel® NetBurst™ microarchitecture doubles the pipeline depth compared to the P6 microarchitecture used on today's Pentium® III processors. One of the key pipelines, the branch prediction / recovery pipeline, is implemented in 20 stages in the NetBurst microarchitecture, compared to 10 stages in the P6 microarchitecture. This technology significantly increases the performance, frequency, and scalability of the processor.

Rapid Execution Engine Two Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs) on the Intel® Xeon™ Processor with 512 KB L2 Cache and Intel® Xeon™ processor with 256 KB L2 Cache are clocked at twice the core processor frequency. This allows basic integer instructions such as Add, Subtract, Logical AND, Logical OR, etc. to execute in ½ a clock cycle. For example, the Rapid Execution Engine on a 2.20 GHz Intel® Xeon™ processor runs at 4.40 GHz.

Advanced Dynamic Execution The Advance Dynamic Execution engine is a very deep, out-of-order speculative execution engine that keeps the execution units executing instructions. The Intel® Xeon™ Processor with 512 KB L2 Cache and Intel® Xeon™ Processor with 256 KB L2 Cache can also view 126 instructions in flight and handle up to 48 loads and 24 stores in the pipeline. It also includes an enhanced branch prediction algorithm that has the net effect of reducing the number of branch mis-predictions by about 33% over the P6 generation processor's branch prediction capability. It does this by implementing a 4 KB branch target buffer that stores more detail on the history of past branches, as well as by implementing a more advanced branch prediction algorithm.

Enhanced Floating-point and Multi-media Unit The Intel® Xeon™ Processor with 512 KB L2 Cache and Intel® Xeon™ Processor with 256 KB L2 Cache expand the floating-point registers to a full 128-bit and adds an additional register for data movement which improves performance on both floating-point and multi-media applications.

Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2) With the introduction of SSE2, the NetBurst microarchitecture now extends the SIMD capabilities that MMX technology and SSE technology delivered by adding 144 new instructions. These instructions include 128-bit SIMD integer arithmetic and 128-bit SIMD double-precision floating-point operations. These new instructions reduce the overall number of instructions required to execute a particular program task and as a result can contribute to an overall performance increase. They accelerate a broad range of applications, including video, speech, and image, photo processing, encryption, financial, engineering and scientific applications.

Features Used for Testing and Performance / Thermal Monitoring

IEEE 1149.1 Standard Test Access Port and Boundary Scan mechanism enables testing of the Intel® Xeon™ processor and system connections through a standard interface. Internal performance counters for performance monitoring and event counting. Includes a new Thermal Monitor feature that allows motherboards to be cost effectively designed to expected application power usages rather than theoretical maximums.

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